It all started about three years ago when I walked into a small boutique in Maceio/Brazil to get a gift to bring home. I fell in love with everything they were selling, the clothes were casual and fun but also elegant and the fabric, was SO soft! Knowing that I wouldn't be able to go back very often, I left the store with 10 outfits! That same night I couldn't stop thinking...

It took some time for all pieces to fall in place but as I explored the options things made more sense every day.  The Islandwear Anywhere concept came after a while, I needed a purpose to drive me, selling clothes was certainly enough work but I wanted to inspire people and share joy too. After visiting the factory in Brazil I left energized, I knew I could help them succeed. The brand became a combination of great product, a fresh lifestyle concept and giving back. It’s been a wild ride, way harder than I expected but when I get tired, I go back to the main purpose and find the strength to keep spreading the good vibes.  

I am excited to officially get started and honored to have had your support navigating the consumer side of this endeavor. To celebrate this special milestone, I would be thrilled if you could join me on April 27th. Friends and family are welcome, just help me plan by sharing the link to RSVP.

Ps. I do believe that anyone, anywhere, can find the joyful vibe of an islander within themselves and that women all ages should shine bright, have fun and just be themselves!

Fabi Lovell - Founder